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Title Authors Conference / Journal
Topic Aware Influential Member Detection in Meetup. Arpan Dam, Suryansh Kumar, Debarati Bhattacharjee, Sayan Pathak, Bivas Mitra SAC 2023: 1623-1632
Understanding the Impact of Awards on Award Winners and the Community on Reddit. Avinash Tulasi, Mainack Mondal, Arun Balaji Buduru, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru ASONAM 2022: 231-236
A Privacy Paradox? Impact of Privacy Concerns on Willingness to Disclose COVID-19 Health Status in the United States. Kirsten Chapman, Melanie Klimes, Braden Wellman, Garrett Smith, Mainack Mondal, Staci Smith, Yunan Chen, Haijing Hao, Xinru Page CSCW Companion 2022: 159-162
What Cookie Consent Notices Do Users Prefer: A Study In The Wild. Ashutosh Kumar Singh, Nisarg Upadhyaya, Arka Seth, Xuehui Hu, Nishanth Sastry, Mainack Mondal EuroUSEC 2022: 28-39
Winds of Change: Impact of COVID-19 on Vaccine-Related Opinions of Twitter Users. Soham Poddar, Mainack Mondal, Janardan Misra, Niloy Ganguly, Saptarshi Ghosh ICWSM 2022: 782-793
CAVES: A Dataset to facilitate Explainable Classification and Summarization of Concerns towards COVID Vaccines. Soham Poddar, Azlaan Mustafa Samad, Rajdeep Mukherjee, Niloy Ganguly, Saptarshi Ghosh SIGIR 2022: 3154-3164
A core-periphery structure-based network embedding approach. Soumya Sarkar, Aditya Bhagwat, Animesh Mukherjee Soc. Netw. Anal. Min. 12(1): 32 (2022)
Constant community identification in million-scale networks. Anjan Chowdhury, Sriram Srinivasan, Sanjukta Bhowmick, Animesh Mukherjee, Kuntal Ghosh Soc. Netw. Anal. Min. 12(1): 70 (2022)
Utilizing microblogs for optimized real-time resource allocation in post-disaster scenarios. Moumita Basu, Sipra Das Bit, Saptarshi Ghosh Soc. Netw. Anal. Min. 12(1): 15 (2022)
Social Media for Post-Disaster Relief: Mapping Needs and Availabilities to UNOCHA Resource Classes. Amitrajit Bose, Sivangi Tandon, Moumita Basu, Saptarshi Ghosh ICDCN 2022: 294-298
Designing to Fight Pandemics: A Review of Literature and Identifying Design Patterns for COVID-19 Tracing Apps. Isaac Criddle, Amanda Hardy, Garrett Smith, Thomas Ranck, Mainack Mondal, Xinru Page HCI (3) 2022: 36-49
Joint Autoregressive and Graph Models for Software and Developer Social Networks. Rima Hazra, Hardik Aggarwal, Pawan Goyal, Animesh Mukherjee, Soumen Chakrabarti ECIR (1) 2021: 224-237v
You too Brutus! Trapping Hateful Users in Social Media: Challenges, Solutions & Insights. Mithun Das, Punyajoy Saha, Ritam Dutt, Pawan Goyal, Animesh Mukherjee, Binny Mathew HT 2021: 79-89
When Expertise Gone Missing: Uncovering the Loss of Prolific Contributors in Wikipedia. Paramita Das, Bhanu Prakash Reddy Guda, Debajit Chakraborty, Soumya Sarkar, Animesh Mukherjee ICADL 2021: 291-307
"Short is the Road that Leads from Fear to Hate": Fear Speech in Indian WhatsApp Groups. Punyajoy Saha, Binny Mathew, Kiran Garimella, Animesh Mukherjee WWW 2021: 1110-1121
Which acts model happiness?: an exploratory analysis on Twitter and Goodreads. Mayank Bhasin, Harshit, Pawan Goyal ASONAM 2021: 577-584
Utilising Social Media for Post-Disaster Resource Allocation. Moumita Basu, Sipra Das Bit, Saptarshi Ghosh COMAD/CODS 2021: 440
On the Role of Micro-categories to Characterize Event Popularity in Meetup. Ayan Kumar Bhowmick, Soumajit Pramanik, Sayan Pathak, Bivas Mitra ICWSM 2021: 71-82
Perceptions of Retrospective Edits, Changes, and Deletion on Social Media. G√ľnce Su Yilmaz, Fiona Gasaway, Blase Ur, Mainack Mondal ICWSM 2021: 841-852
Deceptive Deletions for Protecting Withdrawn Posts on Social Media Platforms. Mohsen Minaei, S. Chandra Mouli, Mainack Mondal, Bruno Ribeiro, Aniket Kate NDSS 2021
CCCC: Corralling Cookies into Categories with CookieMonster. Xuehui Hu, Nishanth Sastry, Mainack Mondal WebSci 2021: 234-242